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Virginia Accident Lawyers Aggressively Represent Victims in Court

Pursuing justice for those who have suffered all types of injuries

When someone is injured in an accident due to someone else’s actions or negligence, the injury victim has rights under Virginia law. In many cases, it is possible to recover monetary damages from the person or company responsible for your injury. In order to enforce those rights, it is important to have dedicated and steadfast legal representation. The Virginia Beach personal injury attorneys at The Law Office of Jeremiah A. Denton III provide that representation. Our attorneys accept cases that other law firms aren’t willing to handle. We take on even the biggest companies, insurers and government agencies to get you the recovery that you deserve.

Understanding the types of accidents covered by Virginia personal injury law

There are many ways that someone’s negligence or actions can lead to your injury. Our personal injury attorneys represent clients who have been victims of all types of accidents, including:

  • Premises liability accidents. This area of law covers people injured on someone else’s property. The law holds landlords, business owners and other property owners responsible for certain slip and fall or trip and fall injuries. Accidents caused by slippery floors, cracked sidewalks and falling boxes fit into this category.
  • Pedestrian and bike accidents. Cars and trucks often collide with pedestrians and bike riders. In many of these cases, the accidents are the fault of the driver. Our firm goes after drivers, insurance companies and even government agencies that do not take care of their roads.
  • Motor vehicle accidents. Our firm represents victims injured in vehicle collisions involving cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles on Virginia roads.
  • Medical malpractice accidents. When doctors make a mistake, the results can be life-changing. We help victims of surgical errors, medication errors, misdiagnosis and failed diagnosis get justice and compensation for their injuries.
  • Products liability accidents. When a defect in a product makes it unsafe for its intended use and someone is injured, the manufacturer and others may be liable.
  • Sports accidents. When a coach or school system acts irresponsibly or negligently, a child or player can be hurt. Our legal team represents victims of concussions and other sports injuries.

When your injuries are the result of someone else’s actions, our legal team will work hard to get you justice. We take on bigger and more expensive law firms and frequently win.

Call us for help after your Virginia Beach accident

Regardless of the type of accident that caused your injury, our attorneys are prepared to help you get the justice you deserve. At The Law Office of Jeremiah A. Denton III, we offer skilled and attentive representation to accident victims. To schedule an appointment with one of our personal injury litigators, contact us online or call us at 757-215-4818.


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