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Representation on important child custody, child support and property division matters

Divorce is similar to the dissolution of a business partnership. As a couple, you acquired assets, accepted debts and made an investment in your future. Now you must divide your property and plan for a new phase in your lives. Most importantly, you must also determine what is in your children’s best interest when you and your partner separate.

The Law Office of Jeremiah A. Denton III was established in 1980 to provide Virginia Beach residents with effective representation in a setting that is compassionate and responsive to their personal needs. With our substantial litigation experience and hard-hitting style, we are able to accomplish the best results in your divorce case.

Help for divorcing and separated parents

The Virginia courts consider what is in your children’s best interest when they make decisions during divorce and post-divorce proceedings. Our attorneys also put your children first in divorce as we assist you with:

  • Child custody arrangements — including joint legal, joint physical and sole custody arrangements
  • Visitation plans — that give both parents the opportunity to maintain close bonds with the children
  • Relocation issues — legal assistance with custody and visitation matters when one parent plans to move
  • Child support — establishment, modification and enforcement of orders

Division of assets during dissolution

Divorce should not jeopardize your financial security. To ensure you receive the assets you deserve, we develop personalized strategies designed to maximize your portion of your marital property. We adeptly handle challenging issues involving:

  • Your marital home
  • Real property
  • Bank accounts
  • Securities and stock accounts
  • Family business
  • Antiques, collectables and other rare or unusual assets
  • Spousal support arrangements
  • Tax considerations of property settlements

Divorce mediation and litigation

Mediation is a valuable tool for reaching equitable settlements in divorce. With the help of a trained facilitator, you and your spouse can make important decisions regarding child custody, visitation arrangements, child support amounts, spousal support payments and asset division. We may recommend this effective alternative dispute resolution method because mediation typically saves expenses, expedites the process and gives you more control over the final terms of your divorce. Throughout the mediation session, we remain by your side to guide negotiations toward your objectives.

Mediation is not helpful in all cases, however. If your spouse is unable or unwilling to agree to a fair settlement, you can count on our Virginia civil litigation attorneys to aggressively fight for your rightful judgment in the courtroom.

Learn more about your rights from our divorce attorneys in Virginia Beach

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