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Virginia Auto Accident Injury Attorneys Get Victims Compensation

Virginia Beach car crash lawyers take on insurance companies and drivers

Auto accidents cause a variety of injuries, ranging in severity from mild discomfort to serious or even deadly. Virginia Beach car crash victims frequently experience head and neck injuries, such as concussion or whiplash. Vehicle accidents break bones, and many passengers suffer back and spinal disc injuries. At The Law Office of Jeremiah A. Denton III, our legal team provides skilled legal representation to victims of auto accidents throughout Virginia.

Getting compensation for seatbelt and airbag injuries

Seatbelts and airbags are designed to save lives. These devices generally do their job well, but surviving an accident often comes at a cost. In order to prevent a vehicle occupant from being ejected or smashing their face into a windshield, a seatbelt may shatter ribs, break hips or cause internal injury. An airbag may save your life but break your nose and burn your face in the process.

These injuries are a normal part of an accident, and the person responsible for the accident may be responsible for paying your medical costs and other expenses after an airbag or safety belt injury. Our legal team will take on drivers and insurers to get you compensation.

Helping victims recover pain and suffering damages

The law allows victims to be compensated for the physical and mental suffering they experience as a result of an auto accident. From the pain associated with a broken bone or a ruptured disc, our attorneys help crash survivors get justice for the agony of serious physical injury. Virginia law allows for additional compensation in cases of disfigurement or loss of the use of a body part or bodily function.

Not all scars are visible on the outside. Many victims of serious accidents experience debilitating Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This condition can make it difficult or impossible for an accident victim to get back in a car or behind the wheel. If you are suffering from this type of serious condition, we can help.

What to do when you suspect injury

If you have been in a car crash or any other type of vehicle wreck, it is essential that you seek medical treatment. Many types of injuries may not show obvious symptoms right away. It is important that you get a doctor to document your injuries right away so that you can prove the injuries were a result of the accident. Even minor car crashes can cause serious injuries, especially to the back and neck. Once you have received medical attention, you should quickly contact a Virginia Beach car accident lawyer to help you build your case and file a claim.

Trust us to aggressively pursue the damages award you deserve

In the aftermath of an auto accident, our attorneys work to help you get the medical care and financial recovery you need. At The Law Office of Jeremiah A. Denton III, we pride ourselves on taking on even the biggest insurance companies, trucking companies and government agencies in court. We deliver results for our clients and take cases that no one else will handle. If you have been hurt, trust us to help you get justice. We serve clients in the Virginia Beach region and throughout the state. To schedule a consultation, contact us online or call us at 757-215-4818.


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