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Legal Malpractice

Every client has the right to expect representation from a lawyer passionately dedicated to that client’s cause.  Unfortunately, some lawyers fall far short of that expectation.  When injury to the client results, there may be a basis for a legal malpractice claim.  We consider it our duty to accept legal malpractice cases just like other types of negligence cases.

A primer on legal malpractice

Often termed “a case within a case,” a legal malpractice claim is a case to prove an earlier case was handled negligently.  Like doctors and other professionals, lawyers can and should be held accountable for their own negligence.

When a legal malpractice lawsuit is practical

A legal malpractice case is only practical if you have been seriously harmed.  Malpractice insurance companies fight malpractice claims tooth and nail.  They do not roll over to avoid litigation costs, bad publicity, or the like.

You should know…

  • There is a difference between legal malpractice and a misjudgment.  Lawyers are liable for errors good lawyers would not have committed, not for inconsequential mistakes any lawyer could have made, or even major errors that did the client no harm.
  • Lawyers typically have malpractice insurance to pay for damages in legal malpractice cases.  If your previous attorney was not insured, a lawyer’s paycheck can be garnished just like anyone else’s.  The Virginia State Bar also has a “client protection fund” set aside to pay up to $50,000 in malpractice cases involving fraud.
  • A lawyer’s reputation is paramount to his or her success.  He or she will build the strongest defense possible to protect his or her reputation.  That said, just cases will usually win out if you stay the course.

We insist on justice

Contact our office for assistance from skilled attorneys dedicated to holding negligent lawyers responsible for harm they have done their clients.

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