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Jeremiah Denton represents the underdog, again

Watching my father take this case without hesitation; work with all his considerable heart and soul (1,000 hours plus without knowing whether, when or how much he might eventually be paid); and win the trial in the face of extreme odds is one of the most inspiring things I’ve ever witnessed. My humble opinion is […]

Uber driver charges dismissed

An Uber driver has been freed after spending six months in jail.  Note the hard work from Assistant Public Defender Bassel Khalaf, who dug up evidence that convinced the prosecutor his client’s charges should be dropped.  Without this lawyer’s dedication, this man would still be incarcerated and facing rape charges.  Great job! Click for an […]

Men (not) at work — chainsawing plus grandson plus pigeon racing plus chopping wood equals good times.

My dad spends too many weekends at work.  His favorite hobbies are racing homing pigeons, power tools, and flying.  Here he escapes the desk to put his brand new chain saw to use clearing roots for a French Drain while awaiting returning pigeons.  A visit from his grandson makes the Saturday afternoon whole. Granddad with his […]

Who We Represent and Why We Practice Law

We represent real people.  People from all walks of life.  People with all sorts of problems.  The one thing our clients have in common is they come to us with a serious problem — often the biggest problem of their life.  Most people who see us have never before needed a lawyer.  All of them are […]


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